President's Message

President's Message


President’s Message
Our valuable members;

Mubarak completed the month of Ramadan, gathered on the Feast of Ramadan. I wish many more festivals to come in health and happiness.

Due to the terror that has plagued our country, our holidays have been burnt. The treacherous terrorism targeted many citizens during the holy month of Ramadan. Finally, a large number of our citizens lost their lives in the attack on Istanbul Atatürk Airport. I wish my compatriots who have lost their lives in this attack to have mercy and patience to their painful families. Let your nationality head right.

Our country is a powerful country. Of course, these divisors will have to win and have the guts to hurt. But all those living in our economy are also striking. We had already publicly shared our predictions that the terrorist attacks that were going on will live on our tourism and therefore our economy, as well as the crises and increased geopolitical concerns we had with Russia at the press conferences that we attended in the months before the month. We even said that we expect a 20% decline in the tourism season of 2016. But we see that even our approach is optimistic.

Yes, because of all these negativities we are having a bad tourism period. It is necessary to close this year with little loss and to put forth urgent measures to watch the next season in a positive direction. At the beginning of these measures, the security perception on our country comes first.

When viewed from the outside, our country must absolutely capture the image of a safe country. In order to achieve this, we first think that bilateral relations with other countries should be corrected in the short term. In short; Both the security perception and the bilateral relations should be corrected so that we will not have the same troubles in the coming years.

All our wishes are for the holiday season, which is an important source of input for the country’s economy, to reach the bright season as soon as the tourism revenues are expected.

We protect our hopes and we are ready to make a drop as a room. As a nation, I present our love and respect to all of our members, hoping to live the days when unity and enthusiasm will move to the upper levels.

Muğla Chamber of Commerce and Industry
Chairman of the Board