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Seydikemer is a planned district and second level municipality in Muğla Province, Turkey. According to the 2012 Metropolitan Municipalities Law (law no. 6360), all Turkish provinces with a population of more than 750000, will become metropolitan municipalities and the districts within the metropolitan municipalities will be second level municipalities. The law also creates new districts within the provinces in addition to present districts.[1] These changes will be effective by the local elections in 2014.

Thus after 2014 a part the present township of Kemer in Fethiye district, will be declared as the district of Seydikemer . (The prefix Seydi refers to Seydiler, presently a village next to Kemer.)

Located some 30 kilometres (19 mi) inland from Fethiye, this remains very much a traditional Turkish town. There are nevertheless a few ex-pats living there. As with most towns that have ex-pats in the area, a certain cafe/bar serves as a local meeting place.


There were 52 towns and 52 villages in the rural area of Seydikemer. Now their official status became “neighborhood of Seydikemer”.