Ula Garlic, which was planted last year, was harvested in cooperation with Ula District Directorate of Agriculture and MUTSO within the scope of Ula Garlic Cultivation Expansion Project.

In cooperation with the Ula District Directorate of Agriculture and the Muğla Chamber of Commerce and Industry (MUTSO), 100 kilos of garlic were planted on November 11, 2020, within the scope of the Ula Garlic Cultivation Expansion Project. In this context, on Wednesday, June 9th, Ula District Governor Baha Başçelik, Ula District Agriculture Manager Ahmet Donduran, MUTSO Chairman of the Board Mustafa Ercan and Member of the Board Yusuf Kayacık examined the harvesting process on site. Approximately 1500 kilograms of yield was obtained in the harvesting process.

With the project, it is aimed to increase the cultivation of ULA garlic grown by family management method in Ula district and to make geographical marking by taking local products.

Ula District Governor Baha Başçelik: “A project has been started in order to keep the Ula Garlic alive in our district. We are here today for the harvest of our garlic. I wish the project good luck. Thank you to everyone who supported the project. Hopefully, we will introduce this product, get the Geographical Indication and offer it to our citizens.” said.

MUTSO President Ercan, who made statements within the scope of the project, made the following statements: “After receiving Geographical Indication for Muğla Tarhanası, Muğla Meatballs, Muğla Saraylısı, Muğla White Marble and Kavaklıdere Walnut, we started to work for Ula Garlic, Gökova Sesame and Muğla Bagel. Our aim is to introduce these products unique to Muğla to the whole of Turkey and even to the world. As part of our work, we are harvesting the Ula Garlic, which we planted as MUTSO at the beginning of this year. We believe that this garlic, which is a species unique only to ULA, will create added value for our producer after receiving the Geographical Indication. On the other hand, we also have work for Gökova Sesame and Muğla bagel. We take the geographical sign of our products, make them a brand and provide added value to our province, and we carry out our work in this direction.

Ula District Director of Agriculture Donduran: “We started our activities last year in order to spread the Ula Garlic produced by our farmers for their own needs in our district and to add commercial value. We did our sewing with the support of our Muğla Chamber of Commerce and Industry. Today we are harvesting. Our aim is to find the value and recognition of Ula Garlic in the market. It is also in the direction of providing an economic income source for our farmers.” made statements.