Association of Chambers and Commodity Exchanges of Turkey (TOBB) Project School Muğla Chamber of Commerce and Industry (MUTSO) and Muğla Commodity Exchange (MTB) continues their work with the support of Muğla martyr Ziya Ilhan Dagdaş vocational and technical Anatolian High School guidance branch teachers were introduced. School Director Hamit Izdaş pioneered the information meeting for guidance branch teachers working in secondary education institutions in Menteşe. attendance was intense. At the meeting attended by MTB President Hurşit Öztürk and Mutso Deputy Secretary General Ismet Alkan, District National Education Branch Managers Ali Kağan Kutlu and Muammer Cihan were also present.

In the meeting that started with the introductory film of the school, Director İzdaş gave information about the departments and activities of the school. Director İzdaş noted that the school, which has 10 departments, is one of the largest vocational high schools in Turkey. District Director of National Education Ali Kağan Kutlu, on the other hand, noted that every child has a hidden power, and the important thing is to reveal it, “These 10 departments are universal professions. A technician is a technician anywhere in the world. Vocational education is a matter of the country.” said.

Muğla Commodity Exchange President Hurşit Öztürk thanked the teachers who attended the meeting and emphasized the importance of directing students to vocational high schools based on their interests and interests. He noted that vocational art learning is extremely important both for the future of children and for the private sector.

MUTSO Deputy Secretary General İsmet Alkan, reminding that Muğla Martyr Ziya İlhan Dağdaş Vocational and Technical Anatolian High School is the project school of TOBB, noted that the students who grow up here are of utmost importance for the qualified personnel need of the business world.

After the explanations, the teachers visited the departments within the high school one by one and got information about the activities and studies.