MUTSO, which accelerated its Geographical Indication studies with Muğla Bagel, Ula Garlic and Gökova Sesame, recorded the distinctive features of Muğla Bagel and the story of its making.

Muğla Chamber of Commerce and Industry (MUTSO) focused on geographical indication studies for new products. The MUTSO delegation, which entered the branding process for Ula Garlic, Muğla Bagel and Gökova Sesame, recorded the story of Muğla Bagel this time. The MUTSO delegation, who met with Güven Akarken, who is also the president of the Chamber of artisans who make and sell food at the famous bagel bakery Güven bagel baker, listened to the distinctive features of Muğla bagel and the stages of its construction from Akarken.

Mugla bagel made primarily bagel flour stated that they used the president while flowing, dough bagel shape after giving the hot molasses dipped, he noted. Informing that molasses is used cold while making other bagels, and that the most important feature of Muğla bagel is that the molasses is hot and the sesame is dipped in molasses beforehand, President Akarken shared the details from the preparation of the dough to the manufacturing process and the temperature the oven should have.Pointing out that the production of Muğla Bagel is a labor-intensive job, as in every business, president Akarken noted that they hope that the geographical indication work of Muğla Bagel will be concluded successfully as soon as possible.