Our quality policy

Our quality policy

Providing equal and impartial service based on 100%-member satisfaction as A-level accredited chamber,


Organizing training, seminars, and conferences for our members to improve their professional activities,


Aiming to offer services as soon as possible and correct,


Creating a working environment where the employees will share their knowledge and experiences, giving importance to teamwork, and developing this environment with continuous training,


By obtaining its document, creating, and implementing a quality management system, and operating in accordance with the requirements of the standard. Following the updates. Making system revisions in accordance with the recent standard.


Our personnel working to create the operation on a process-based basis and integrating it with other management systems, continuing the improvements with the concept of “continuous improvement”.


The Board of Directors believing that progress may be made by continually enhancing the QMS’s efficacy and supporting the development of the system in this regard.

Have been in our Quality Policy as MUTSO.