Our Communication Policy

Our Communication Policy

Access to Members and Announcement

MCCI established representations in Ortaca, Datça, Yatagan and Ula in order to facilitate the relations among the members of the provinces outside Yatagan, Kavaklıdere, Ortaca, Köycegiz, Dalaman, Datça and Ula. In these representations, all transactions are carried out by applying the rules of the MCCI Integrated Management System established at the center of the room. In the representatives, TOBB net system, dues collection, room registration certificate, activity document etc. Documents that can be output from the system are arranged in two copies and a copy is given to the member and a copy is archived. At the end of the year, filing and archiving operations are kept in the central office register unit, except those sent daily to the center.
Access to MCCI members is made through the following communication channels, provided in electronic form and continuously updated. Mail, e-mail, mobile messaging system, telephone and fax are used when communicating with members using these addresses. The press announcements are made in line with the T-11-18 Announcement and Press Declaration Instructions. The following records are updated periodically in accordance with the instructions:
· E-mail and website addresses of all members,
· Fixed and GSM phone numbers of all members,
· Fax numbers and
· Postal addresses.
The city also announces local, national and international written and visual media on the activities carried out by the Communication and Public Relations Officer in accordance with the relevant procedures. It broadcasts television and radio programs and press releases and its activities to the public. Publications such as posters and brochures are announced during the event on the room billboard and WEB page.
Information such as room activities, policies, sectoral developments, strategies, plans, targets, quality improvement and price tariffs are formally recorded and recorded with the following channels.
· Assembly meetings, Professional Committee meetings, Board meetings, Member and stakeholder meetings, MCCI Accreditation Board meetings, Personnel internal communication meetings
· Management Review meetings where the results of the questionnaires and staff are analyzed and the results will be analyzed to analyze the effects of nonconformities

Contact and Web Site

www.mutso.org.tr is the official website of MCCI.
This site is in line with T-11-17 Web Site Security and Update Instruction. The publications on the website are run concurrently with other publications of MCCI, press releases, e-mail, ARASTA magazine and mobile messaging system. Information about the Mugla and Mugla Chamber of Commerce and Industry on the website, news, announcements, services offered to the members of the Chamber, room registration procedures, documents arranged in a random manner, business proposals, fairs, room members search by sector, right to information, contact information, and useful information that members can use in their commercial lives. Members and other external organizations addressed by the event are informed by sending written notices, by means of website, telephone, SMS, e-mail, billboards, newspaper advertisements and similar methods. During the announcements, special relations are established between public institutions such as municipalities, hospitals and NGOs, as well as their staff members and their members. In addition, corrective and preventive actions such as updating the e-mail addresses and telephone numbers which can not be reached by following the announcement results are applied.

Interagency Relations

In the framework of the legal regulations, the works which are directed by the public institutions such as KOSGEB, BUSINESS CORPORATION, TSE, Muğla Governorship, DEIK and TOBB are carried out within the framework of the regulations regarding the instructions in the Works and Documents in the Purpose and Scope of the Procedures, Related Documents and References section, .


It uses ARASTA Magazine and its corporate website to announce MCCI policies and spread its activities. Magazine T-11-16 ARASTA Magazine is prepared according to the Publication Instructions, published four times a year and distributed to members free of charge. The publishing policy that gives priority to the historical and cultural values of Muğla and our region is followed. The last issue of the ARASTA Journal is published on the web page. The activity report of the chamber is issued at the end of the year. The room is announced at parliamentary meetings. It is archived and stored in magnetic environment.