About Mutso

About Mutso


Chairman of the Executive Board : Mustafa ERCAN
President of the Assembly: H.Koray ÖZCAN
Date of Establishment: 1884
Membership number: 6384
Number of Employees: 37
Authority: Mentese, Yatagan, Kavaklıdere, Dalaman, Ortaca, Koycegiz, Ula and Datca Provinces.
History: Mugla Chamber of Commerce and Industry; It was founded in 1884 under the name of Mugla Chamber of Commerce and Industry according to the statement of Economical Walking Magazine published on 18 June 1943 for the Chambers of Commerce and Industry.

The Room which adapted the laws of the year 655 in 1926 and 5590 in 1950; In 1954 (Izmir-Aegean Region Chamber of Industry); MCCI (MUGLA CHAMBER OF COMMERCE AND INDUSTRY) has been awarded since 1954 due to the obligation to participate in industrial enterprises in our country.

According to the Law of the Chambers and Commodity Exchange Act numbered 5174 which entered into force in 2004, To protect the professional discipline, morality and solidarity in order to ensure that the members of the members are in good faith and trust in relations with each other and with the public and to fulfill the duties assigned by the legislation in accordance with the services written in this Blood, in order to meet the common needs of the members, to facilitate their professional activities, Is a professional organization in the form of a public institution with legal personality.

MCCI was taken out of the study area of the Aegean Region Chamber of Industry of Mugla on the TOBB contract in 2007 and the title of MCCI was registered on 01.01.2008 by CHAMBER OF COMMERCE AND INDUSTRY has been changed.

The study area of MCCI is 8 districts, including Muğla province central district, Datca, Dalaman, Ortaca, Koycegiz, Kavaklıdere, Ula and Yatagan districts, and for industrial enterprises, MCCI entered the study area of industrialists in Marmaris and Bodrum provinces. These districts have representatives of MCCI in Ortaca, Yatağan and Datça. The number of active members of the chamber has reached 4000 members. 2,500 of these members are entrepreneurs of 1500 Legal entity. There are 17 profession committees of the MCCI and 117 members are elected to these committees. The chamber council consists of 49 members. The Board of Directors consists of 11 members including 1 President and 10 members. The room has 29 staff members and the TSE Mugla Provincial Representative and the KOSGEB Mugla Synergy Locality work successfully in the room. MCCI, who plays a part in the activities of our country, our region and most important of our Mugla in commercial and social life by contributing financial support to the chamber by serving in the Board of Directors and the General Board by providing financial support, has contributed to the activities of the institutions and organizations that are affiliated every year, Institutions and companies.

Vision: Completion of institutional infrastructure, serving in international quality standards, managing resources according to efficiency principle, being an institution that is open to innovation and innovation.
Mission: To ensure the development of the territory by increasing the competitiveness of the region in the national and international arena by fulfilling the duties and responsibilities given to it by the law to protect the interests of the country, the region and the members.
To increase member satisfaction with the understanding of ISO 9001: 2008 Quality Management System and to serve our members as an accredited chamber
Organizing trainings in line with the needs of our members
To prepare and carry out grant schemes within the framework of the interests of our city and our city
UMEM Skill ’10 Project To meet the needs of qualified members of our members with vocational training courses,
Finance, Law, Economy, Trade Registry, foreign trade related and current problems face to face interviewing and consulting with experts to answer.
Expertise procedures (procedures related to exporting goods, sample documents in importation, arranging related coercive documents which come with temporary imports and can not be deported on time).
To register, establish, register, close or amend the functions of the companies and to register the competent persons.
To organize the necessary reports on the capacity determination processes of Small and Medium sized enterprises registered in the Chamber.
To evaluate the requests related to the public institutions and organizations such as Governorship, Municipality, Financial Office  and analyze them in place. Answering correspondence from these institutions.
Organizing fair, exhibition and business meetings and ensuring participation in organized events. To inform members in these matters.
To provide credit and incentive regulations and services for SMEs.
To inform the members about the addresses of the importers and producers in our country and foreign countries, labor legislation, announcement of business offers coming from the room via fax or publication, exchange rates, international statistics, annual and monthly Wholesale Price Index and Consumer Price Indexindices.
To reward members who pay tax at a high level and export.
To do studies for the protection of consumers. Consumer Protection Commitment Regarding the Chamber Members, to take compulsory professional decisions to comply with.
To inform our members about issues related to apprenticeship and vocational training law.
Approval of insuranced Self-Employed Institution Documents, to make regular notifications of registry records of companies.
To present opinions and suggestions to the relevant authorities regarding traffic, education, local administrations, urbanization, commercial and industrial life of Mugla Province.
Exporter members to approve documents such as ATR, Certificate of Origin, EUR-1.
ATA carving operations, informing the members of European Union (EU) projects and actively participating in the projects.
To inform the members about foreign trade government support and market researches.
Approve the conformity of regulated invoices to market rates.
To organize documents necessary for facilitating the visa procedures of our members traveling abroad.
Monthly published Room newspaper, publications such as magazines about the work of the Chamber members enlighten.

To make the registration of Business Machines.
Determination of waste and loss rates in accordance with customs and customs.
To prepare the necessary information about the real estate tax unit values and building construction costs.
Documents to inform our members that they are registered with the Chamber (Chamber Registration – Activity Certificate – Certificate of Authority – Certificate of Registration)
To carry out all kinds of examinations related to trade and industry, to make the indexes and statistics of economic, commercial and industrial activities in the regions, to follow and record the market prices of the major items and to spread them through the means possible.
To protect professional ethics and testament, to work in accordance with trade and industry’s general interests.
To take initiatives for the establishment of Organized Industrial Zones in Muğla and to act as an entrepreneur in the entrepreneurial sense.
Providing the members to use low interest loans by making a special agreement with the branches of the Bank operating in Muğla.
Key Projects Pioneered and Performed:
Vocational Training Projects.
The Caravan project, the Karia Hiking trail, is 12 months of tourism a year (800 km).
To increase the economic development and recognition of the province through the International Fairground Project.
The project ‘Good Agricultural Practices for Rural Development’ was submitted to the Central Finance Contracts Unit CFCU.
Supported by Southern Aegean Development Agency (GEKA); Life in Karia ‘project.
Supported by Southern Aegean Development Agency (GEKA); “International Fairground” project.
Partnership with the project ‘Mugla on the way to the Muğla European Union’ project where the Ministry of the EU supported the Mugla Governorship.
KOSGEB Synergy Center TYPE-1 Mugla Representative Office.
Launching KOSGEB Applied Entrepreneurship Trainings throughout the province
Opening of TEKMER together with Mugla University and KOSGEB Administration.
Board Member of Istanbul World Trade Center.
Greece cooperate with Athens, Rhodes Islands, Drama Chamber of Commerce.
Initiation of meetings for the purpose of joint action for regional development and development with the Muğla Provincial Chambers and Stock Exchanges.
Turkish Export Products EGEXPORT Fairs organized for the first time in Rhodes
Initiation of clustering studies to support the yacht industry.
Participation in national and international fairs for the promotion of Mugla-specific products.
Young Entrepreneurs, Women Entrepreneurs Boards.
Director of Course Management of UMEM Skill’10 Project.
MPM Mugla Efficiency Enhancement Project.