Frequently Asked Questions


Is there a site where Turkish Trade Registry Gazettes are displayed on the internet?
For displaying the Turkish Trade Registry Gazette on the internet; page, click on the title of the Turkish Trade Registry Gazette on the right side of the opened window and sign up for the Free Gazette Query section. (Turkish Commercial Registration Gazettes published before 2004 can not be displayed.)


How long is the application period to the Trade Registry Office for a subject that is subject to registration?
Registration period for the Trade Registry Director is 15 days. (Turkish Commercial Code Article 30)

TURKISH TRADE LAW ARTICLE 30- (1) Unless there is a contrary provision in his opinion, the period of request for registration is fifteen days.

(2) This period shall be the period during which the registered transaction or action takes place; In cases where the completion of a deed or document depends on the issuance, the date on which the deed or document is issued.

(3) For those who live outside the jurisdiction of the Trade Registry Office, this period is one month

I opened a new business. Do I have to register in the Chamber of Commerce and Industry or in the Chamber of Craftsmen and Artisans?
You need to become a merchant so that you can register in the Chamber of Commerce and Industry and therefore the Chamber of Commerce and Industry. The description of the merchant was made in article 14 of the Turkish Commercial Code. According to this, “a commercial operation, even if partly, on behalf of the person who runs a merchant is called the merchant.” Registration required documents for publication on our website mutso.




Who is obliged to the K-certificate?

– Registered in the chambers of commerce, chambers of industry, chambers of commerce and industry, chambers of trades and agriculture chambers, Trucks, trucks, tow trucks, trailers, semi-trailers.

Where is the K certificate taken?

– It can be taken from the Chamber of Commerce, the Chamber of Commerce and Industry and the Regional Directorates of Transportation.

What vehicles are the K documents taken?

– Pick up trucks, trucks, tractors, trailers, semi-trailers, tankers and similar car-like vehicles.

Which K document should I take?

K1-type certificate of authority for domestic transportation activities.
Authority certificate of type K1 * operating within the boundaries of the truck and the province.
K1 (O) type certificate of authority for domestic auto rescuer activity.
Domestic K2-type certificate of authority for transporting trucks with respect to their own activity.
Domestic K2 * type of authority certificate for those who are transporting by truck with their own activity.
K3-type certificate of authority for domestic home and office goods transportation activities.
Which documents should be found on vehicles?

– Only vehicle cards must be available on vehicles. There is no obligation to keep the other colored authorization document and vehicle document in the vehicle. You need to keep these documents at work or at home.

How do I obtain a K-certification application form?

– You can obtain it from our store or from our web site.

How can I obtain the necessary documents for K type authorization documents?

– You can obtain it from our store or from our web site.

In which case will the penalty be dismissed in the K documentary?

– It is imperative to obtain a K-certificate, to individuals and companies that have never received the certificate,
– K document is present and must be carried in each vehicle, if the vehicle card is not in the vehicle,
– For those who have K documents and do not include their vehicles in K documents,
The criminal procedure is applied.

What is the validity period of the K document?

– The validity period written on the document.
– The validity period for newly received documents is 5 years.


Who can carry out insurance activities?

According to the Insurance Law No. 5684;

Persons engaged in insurance activities before 14/4/2008; Four-Year High

Occupational education institutions who have graduated from related departments

No experience condition is required. Graduated from higher education institutions of at least four years

Those with at least eighteen months, Banking and Insurance, Risk Management and Actuarial, with

Those who graduated from related high schools and have 2 years of professional experience are SEGEM

They may engage in insurance activities provided that they are documented.

How much is the 2016 Yearbook Registration Fee?

For the Insurance Agents located in the applicant’s Certificate of Eligibility,

In relation to the related deliverables to the room) The registration fee of the plate is 10.000, -TL (Ten Thousand TL)


What is Segem? What Objectives? How can I get ?

The Insurance Training Center provides education and training for the insurance sector.

Segem 5684, which was established with the aim of conducting examinations under one roof,

Of Insurance Agency Regulations prepared based on the Insurance Law numbered 19

Insurance agents, who are obliged by UNU, train technical personnel. It

For those who have technical personality requirements, the date and schedule of the Undersecretariat is three months

Basic to be given in advance and to pass five business days at least every three years

Are subject to insurance training, and only those that cover education subjects

He is authorized to make an exam. Individuals who have completed the training qualify for a certificate.

The activity of the technical personnel, who have not been trained during the training period,

It will be stopped until it is completed.

Detailed information about the training program and application can be found at the Insurance Training Center

Is also published on the internet page (



What is Capacity Report?
Capasity Report; Is a document showing the production power of all public and private sector establishments manufacturing and valid for 2 years from the date of approval.

Capacity reports must be registered in the trade register of the companies for which the capacity report is to be prepared, and must be a member of the business location where the workplace is located.

Capacity reports; As well as the annual production capacity, machine park, raw materials they use, capacity calculations and capital and employment information.


How to Apply for a Capacity Report
The information requested in the Capacity Report Request Form obtained from our Industrial Unit or our web site is filled in and the documents stated on the 1st page of the form are compiled and applied to the Industrial Unit.


How Capacity Reports Processes Execute and how long does it take?
– The MCCI’s Industry Unit is applied to the Capacity Report Request Form and the documents stated on the form by the company,

The application is evaluated by the relevant rapporteur,

– The visiting expert engineer visits the firm’s workplace on a date previously determined by the intensity of work and the condition of the room vehicle. If the business condition is appropriate for the firm’s request, the specialist company may take it away with its own possibilities to speed up the process.

-Exper engineer makes measurement and determination in accordance with Capacity Criteria and prepares report,

– Data entry is made in the TOBB Industry Capacity Report Automation Program and the capacity report is sent to the TOBB on-line.

– After the approval of the TOBB, one copy is made “Original” and delivered to the company.

This process is terminated within about 1 week.


I got a work machine and what should I do?
Registration of vehicles of the type of business machines belonging to real or legal persons; Agriculture sector, agricultural chambers, agriculture sector, except those used in industry, public works and other sectors are registered, their members trade, industry or trade and industry chambers are made. So if you are a member or have taken as a person, you have to apply to the chamber of commerce, industry or commerce and industry where your residence is located.


Is it necessary to register (register) the Work Machine?
The owners of the machinery used in industry, public works and other parts other than those used in agriculture sector have to register their machines in accordance with the principles specified in the Highway Traffic Regulation and to obtain the registration certificate.


What documents and how should I apply to the office to register my business machine?
– A petition written in the address of the room and requesting the registration of the work machine (For registration, our staff members prepare and sign it.

– Business machine ownership certificate;

1) Invoice for zero vehicles (if the work machine is imported, receipt of the customs entry declaration and customs tax in addition to the invoice).

2) Notary sales for second hand vehicles.

3) Inheritance.

4) Ownership certificate to be obtained from the court in case the above mentioned documents can not be presented.

The above mentioned ownership documents can be accepted as authentic or notarized works. No documents other than these documents can be accepted as ownership documents

– If there is no technical document or technical document belonging to the machine, the form given from MCCI will be filled in completely and will be stamped and signed by the company or person.