Among the most important port cities in Albania, Governor of Avlonia Flamur Mamaj and his delegation came to MUTSO as part of their visit to Muğla and exchanged ideas about the increase of commercial activities between the two cities.
One of the most important port and tourism cities of the Balkan country, Albania Governor Flamur Mamaj came to Muğla hosted by Esengül Civelek, the governor of Muğla. General Coordinator Dritan Halili, Head of Urban Development Unit Ervin Arapashi, Auditing Unit Specialist Lisjena Delilaj and Finance and Support Services Specialist Lorena Hysenaj were present during the visit on Tuesday (October 1st).
Within the scope of their visit to Muğla, the delegation that signed the Goodwill Protocol with the Governorship of Muğla, then made institutional visits. Within this scope, the Albanian delegation visited the Muğla Chamber of Commerce and Industry and hosted the members of the Board of Directors, especially the President of the Assembly H. Koray Özcan and the Vice Chairman Sedat Tuncer.
During the visit briefly about MUTSO Parliament Speaker H. Koray Özcan, made statements about the importance of cooperation. Mayor Özcan said, bu This good faith protocol signed between the governorships will lead to agreements that will create added value separately in our provinces. Thus, one more contribution will be made to the friendship relations that have been going on for centuries. Declaring a sister city alone doesn’t mean anything. It is extremely important to provide an environment for collaborative work. Mutual interests and steps should be taken on the basis of cords. Time passes fast. We need to get started. We must mobilize all kinds of elements that will facilitate trade while ensuring the unity. In this context, as Muğla Chamber of Commerce and Industry we are ready to do my part. We are ready to establish an office to work on the development of mutual trade. In addition, providing direct flights between Muğla and Albania will provide added value. ”
Flamur Mamaj, Governor of Avlonia, said, teşekkür Thank you for opening the doors of your room to us and for your warm hospitality. This work will not be limited to signature. We need to bring our sectors together with your cooperation and work in many areas. We are ready to do our best..


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