Muğla Chamber of Commerce and Industry (MUTSO) continues to organize trainings for members and staff within the scope of 2016 education plan. MUTSO conducted two training sessions for its members on Friday (December 2nd) in the Assembly Meeting Hall. Muğla Sıtkı Koçman University In the first part of the education which consists of 2 parts on “Institutionalization and Institutional Culture in Family Companies” given by Muğla Vocational School of Higher Education (MCHU) Emre Arlı, “The Characteristics of the Family Company, Strengths and Weaknesses of the Family Company, In the second part, the topics such as “Institutionalization Nedir, Corporate Governance Principles, Corporate Governance Approach” were mentioned.

Then, MSKÜ lecturer Assist. Assoc. Dr. In the education given by Aslı Karataş, ‘What are the concepts of communication and perception, how are successful communication techniques, self-confidence, ego, personality, reasoning and analytical thought patterns, which begin with person’s self-development and development, , Tips for happier and more successful with awareness’, and so on. Participants showed intense interest in education.


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