The Joint Meeting of the MUTSO Professional Committees and the Assembly Meeting were held with extensive participation. Profession Committee Presidents in the meeting, clarified the industry’s problems and proposed solutions.

Muğla Chamber of Commerce and Industry (MUTSO) Assembly and Professional Committees continue their work. The meetings, which were held on Tuesday, March 26, were held with wide participation. In the First Meeting of the Professional Committees organized, the Presidents of 17 Professional Committees, which carry on their activities under the MUTSO, conveyed sectoral problems and solutions. The meeting was chaired by the Chairman of the Board of Directors Mustafa Ercan.

At the beginning of the meeting, promotional films prepared within the scope of Employment Mobilization 2019 were followed and informed by President Ercan. Afterwards, we care about the work of our Professional Committees. After your meetings and works with dedication, I would like to state that you will be the followers of your sector reports and solutions, and follow up on the issues you will pass on to us iniz. The Profession Committee Presidents presented their reports on the problems and solution proposals they prepared after the meetings, studies and visits..


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